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About us

And Jacob's products are made hand in hand between artisans and designers as result we get objects with the attributes of heritage and formation. Each object is designed thinking of an ideal environment where object and space coexist in harmony creating the perfect mood.



Featured: Amon-Ra bowl, at Casa Ia Huerta, Careyes.

With the intention of creating thoughtful everyday objects, we focus our gaze on Mexican crafts.

Natural materials are the core of the brand, through design and handmade processes we highlight their natural qualities. offering objects with a unique story.

andjacob hand carving marble.jpg

Featured: Marble carving by Mexican artisan.

Our commitment as a brand is to support the artisan families that work alongside us contributing to improving their quality of life through high-quality pieces and fair trade.

Featured: Lavastone workshop in Mexico.

Find us

Durango 727, Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, CDMX, 06700.

These are all the places And Jacob has had the pleasure of reaching, CLICK THE BOTTON to take a look!

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