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The base of this lamp is carved from one solid piece of marble. Inlaid is a brass piece that not only acts as a beautiful accent, but also turns the lamp on/off with touch. The opal glass shade floats above the base. Perfect for the office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want to add soft ambient lighting.


A clear borosilicate glass cylinder combined with marble creates a set of two objects for the bathroom. One that uses marble as a base, ideal for toothbrush holder, and another that uses it as a lid, resulting on a closed container to store all kinds of bathroom goods.


White Bego marble hand carved containers with a walnut top. Perfect for those little things. Use it when removing make-up, or  keep things you like near, like sweets, use it for your stationery in your workspace, leave your rings

handy on your dressing table, keep fresh spices at your kitchen. There will always be a special use for these marble jar. Available in two heights.

More variations of size and type of marble are available on request.



At first glance you are not sure what it is. Alludes to antique oil lamps and reproduces the gesture of putting out a a burning wicker with a candle snuffer. The marble base holds a tealight candle, the frosted glass shade casts a soft ambient light. When extinguishing the candle by placing the marble sphere on top you get a sculptural piece.


Carved from a single block of marble, this robust vase expresses its origin just by looking at it. It has an extra glass vase that allows you to change the water of the flowers easily without having to move the entire piece. It is an imposing piece of decoration that complements any space. Its great weight allows you to have large floral arrangements without running the risk of it tilting.


This revercible vase is an elongated version of the "Girovago", also comes out from a solid block of marble. It has a cavity on each side where a glass vase fits, it can be used on one side or the other, its versatility in its arrangement, allows it to be displayed individually or to create compositions with another like it or with a low "Girovago".


As the name implies, this vase is classical architecture inspired. Taking elements such as the flutes and combining them with elements of our own style, hand carved by skilled Mexican artisans makes a collision of cultures that create a unique piece. Material options make it fit into any environment.


Named after the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

It has a lava stone plate covered with 22 carat gold leaf, with the pore of the stone creates an attractive effect of emptiness and shine, the plate rests on a glass vase giving the stone visual lightness.

Available in two heights.